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Couples massage

Coming together of body and soul, charm of dearness, accordance, quiet…Couples massage is not secret or taboo subject today, so a lot of couples find it as the solution of their relationship problems and recover the lost feelings.

How does this happen?

Masseuses meet you in sexual dress. Then warm up your bodies with wellness massage. Then session gradually turn to erogenous-massage later. Girls bring you up to moment of excitement in set time. The programs for couples are different.

You should decide before choosing the session:

At first choose the gender of masseur for you and your partner. You and your partner can stay at the one room together or at the different.  Please, choose one of our clubs is more convenient for you and reserve time to visit. So you just need to choose the program.




Time 1 girl 2 girls
30 min
1 hour 4400
1.5 hours 6000
2 hours 7600
2.5 hours 9200
3 hours 10800

Always something extra

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